Actuarial Recruitment

Extraordinary responsibilities require Extraordinary people

There are a variety of companies in the market place doing actuarial recruitment. However, finding the right professional for the right position – and vice versa – is not only a daunting task but of crucial importance to the wellbeing of firms, because of the financial responsibilities attached to actuarial positions.

What is required from the recruitment company is expert knowledge over the whole spectrum of actuarial positions; and preferably at international level.

Loyalty to client firms is also of the utmost importance – it would do little good to find a client the right person to fill one actuarial position, while poaching other staff members for competition firms.

How does one find an actuarial recruitment firm that will get under the skin of your company to establish what you REALLY want and need, and who will deliver exactly how and what you require?

Welcome to SA Actuary

  (formerly known as Loraine Storie and Associates)

Services available to Clients sourcing Actuarial Staff

Here are some of the benefits we offer firms looking for actuarial staff:

  • 23 years recruitment experience – the last 14 specialising in actuarial in both London and South Africa
  • We match the candidate to both the position AND the company – this entails that we personally interview every candidate, whenever possible; and visit all clients beforehand to assess their environment, the rest of the team of which the candidate must become part, etcetera.
  • When finding candidates for clients, we work mainly on a headhunting or referral basis.
  • Our ethical code is such that we shall under NO circumstances recruit staff working for our clients.
  • We do not merely place a candidate with a firm and then walk away – we keep in touch after the candidate has joined the company to ensure that he or she has settled in well, and that the client is happy with the placement.

SA Actuary (formerly Loraine Storie and Associates) specialises in actuarial recruitment covering pensions, life, general insurance, health care, investments, and non-traditional. We have well-established relationships with all our clients, and our client base continues to expand.

Most of our activities are focussed on South Africa at present, but we are fully geared - with hands-on experience - to expand the scope of our activities to the UK and Europe at short notice, if required.

Take Action NOW!

Contact Loraine Storie at SA Actuary on 076 119 7722 to arrange a discussion at your offices about your company’s needs, preferences and expectations; or CONTACT US.

Services offered to Actuarial Candidates

A message to professional people working in the actuarial fields of pensions, life, general insurance, health care, and investments – or in non-traditional positions: 

Looking for a change?

Need a new challenge and want to accelerate your upward momentum?

SA Actuary (formerly Loraine Storie and Associates) has contact with employers across the spectrum looking for the right people to fill actuarial positions in their companies.

We shall find suitable firms and positions that will perfectly match your skills and experience, and will satisfy your need for growth and advancement.

We format CVs but do not change them, and take references if required.

Take action NOW!

CONTACT US to submit your particulars and/or request additional information about a particular vacancy or range of vacancies.

We adhere to a policy of strict confidentiality, and shall not expose your CV in the public domain in any way without your explicit permission.

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